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 Magic Balls (397 plays)
A slightly harder version of the arcade game Bust-A-Move.
 Magnetism (437 plays)
Drag the iron ball through different magnetic fields and TRY...
 Mario Rush Arena (434 plays)
Help Mario in this little game to kill the evil Goomba and K...
 Mastermind (442 plays)
Play the classic game of Mastermind as you try to figure out...
 Maze (397 plays)
Find out way out of the maze.
 Memory (447 plays)
Match the numbers while remembering them in your head.
 Mercury Drops (425 plays)
The object of this game is to survive as a mercury drop. Con...
 Mini Cars (445 plays)
'Race around the track in your beetle bug like car, take the...
 Monster Sumo (489 plays)
What do you think this game is about?
 Mood Match (440 plays)
Match the faces together in the shortest amount of time.
 Moon Cave (424 plays)
Fly the space ship without blowing up.
 Munchy Man (420 plays)
A version of pacman.
 Naughts and Crosses (435 plays)
Play a classic game of Naughts and Crosses. Tic Tac Toe!
 Notepad Invaders (448 plays)
'Another remake of the classic Space Invaders game. But what...
 Othello (460 plays)
Place your white piece down and change the computer's black ...
 Peanuts (422 plays)
Flick as many nuts in the goal as possible.
 Pepsi Handball (443 plays)
Drop different colored footballs on to the stack below and g...
 Perfect Match (463 plays)
A good matching game. Can you find the pairs?
 Ping AI (457 plays)
'This is a quality, updated version of the classic pong game...
 Pipe Down (406 plays)
Very good puzzle game. Arrange the pipes so water can flow t...
 Poker (485 plays)
Choose which cards to discard and try to make pair of jacks ...
 Push It (495 plays)
Push the blocks onto the markers without getting any of them...
 Puzzle Maniax (532 plays)
In this game you can chose a bunch of different puzzles that...
 Puzzled Jigsaw (400 plays)
A Lighthouse scene Jigsaw.
 Pyoro (465 plays)
'Guide the bird around, eating the plants falling from the s...
 Quick Pic (429 plays)
A very fast paced but enjoyable memory game... addicting.
 Rickshaw Jam (442 plays)
An online clone of the Binary Arts Rush Hour game.
 Rings (407 plays)
Can you repeat the pattern before it disappears? Gets harder...
 Roll On (432 plays)
A very good puzzle game. Can you land the ball on the spot?
 Rush Hour Madness (408 plays)
Can you park the traffic in the least moves?
 Sammy The Salmon (460 plays)
The fish needs to swiwm his way to the finish line.
 Santa Balls 2 (465 plays)
Click and move the balls around to match them up color for c...
 School (416 plays)
A great animation about a kid in school writing about the fu...
 Sequencer (416 plays)
Press the lights in the same sequence they light up.
 Shanghai Mahjongg (417 plays)
The classic Chinese game Mahjongg.
 Sinjid Shadow Of The Wa... (481 plays)
Help a young boy complete his training to get revenge from h...
 Slider Mania (421 plays)
Slide the puzzle pieces into place.
 Snake Coil (439 plays)
Throw colored magic balls to add new segments to snake. Thre...
 Snow Storm (438 plays)
There has just been a snow storm! Your job is to clear the s...
 Sobics School 2 (468 plays)
Eliminate all the groups of same colored tiles from an array...

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