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 Free Run (398 plays)
React to key prompt and don't stop running. The faster your ...
 Frisbee Dog (351 plays)
Timed the position and the height and let the dog catch the ...
 Frog It (380 plays)
Help the frog cross the road without being run over.
 Frogger (393 plays)
'This is a real classic, simple and addictive. Just help the...
 Frogger (410 plays)
Help the frog cross the road without being run over.
 Frosty Freakout (401 plays)
Making multi-flavour multi-layer ice-creams
 Fruit Drop (382 plays)
Tetris clone with fruity theme
 Fruit Drop (398 plays)
Play a clone of Tetris with fruit.
 Fruity Basket (365 plays)
Catch the falling fruits and avoid the worms!
 Fruity Bubble (384 plays)
Bobble Bubble clone with a fruity theme
 Fucking Noisy Farmer's ... (381 plays)
Kill the noisy chickens with cannon
 Fuel Transport (377 plays)
Get the fuel safely to the base behind the enemy lines
 G-Ball (405 plays)
Guide the ball to the finish line - avoid the hole and colle...
 Galactic Warrior (395 plays)
This is a Flash version of the classci arcade game with the ...
 Galactic Warrior (379 plays)
A classic arcade game remake. Shoot down space aliens and fi...
 Gandalf (LOTR) (357 plays)
Gandy lost his pipe - so he must travel back to retrieve it....
 Gandy's Quest (334 plays)
Gandalf will be collecting gold coins in this platform adven...
 Gandy's Quest (366 plays)
Move Gandy through the map by collecting coins.
 GAPC Santa (414 plays)
Help Santa to get to GAPC to deliver the holidays gifts.
 Gauntlet (374 plays)
'Collect keys to open gates,a nd collect treasures. Doní»t g...
 Gauntlet (354 plays)
Move the wizard around and avoid being touched by the ghosts...
 Get A Grip (403 plays)
This game will test your keyboard coordination to the limit!
 Get Home Get Lucky (380 plays)
Avoid the extra booze and instead pickup the food as it come...
 Gladiator (395 plays)
'In this gladiator fighting game, your aims is to destroy al...
 Gold Miner (380 plays)
'Use your claw to reel in as much treasure as possible. Trea...
 Golden Shower: The Game (357 plays)
Pee on the pedestrians. Also remember to get more drinks so ...
 Gone In 60 Seconds (402 plays)
'To save your brother from the gangsters, you have to agreed...
 Gr8 Racing (375 plays)
Try to best your personal best time in the race track
 Graviton (409 plays)
move the mouse to pilot your ship and fire the thruster via ...
 Gravity Ball 2 (408 plays)
'Arkanoid clone with a twist - the more you bounce it, the h...
 Green and Black (358 plays)
Car racing game in night vision environment.
 Grundo's Snow Throw (348 plays)
Make a snow ball and hit the polar bear.
 Gunman (383 plays)
Keep the wooden block away for 2 minutes
 GYR Ball (385 plays)
Control the GYR Ball in multiple terrains without falling of...
 Hacker (425 plays)
Steal all the diskette without detection by the guard
 Hacky Sack JR (352 plays)
Keep the ball in the air as long as possible - collect ballo...
 Halo (380 plays)
Paltform shooter using Halo theme; try to get the flag from ...
 Halo (391 plays)
Play capture the flag halo-style and demolish your enemy and...
 Heli Attack (369 plays)
Neat arsenals of weapon power-ups
 Hide Needs Sake (364 plays)
'Collect 5 bottles of Japanese sake for hide. If you pick th...

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